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How to contribute

Great you want to contribute!!

Contributing to DocTester is really simple. Well. There are some rules that you should follow:

  • Make sure your feature is well tested.
  • Make sure your feature is well documented (Javadoc).
  • Make sure there is a tutorial inside the website (doctester-core/src/site/markdown).
  • Make sure you are following the code style below.
  • Add your changes to and your name to

Then send us a pull request and you become a happy member of the DocTester family :)

Code style

  • Default Sun Java / Eclipse code style
  • If you change only tiny things only reformat stuff you actually changed. Otherwise reviewing is really hard.
  • We use 4 spaces as one tab.
  • All files are UTF-8.

Making a release

Making a Doctester release

1) Preliminary

  • Make sure is updated

2) Release to central maven repo

3) publish website

  • git checkout TAG
  • cd doctester-core
  • mvn site site:deploy

And back to develop:

  • git checkout develop